More functions are inherited

This page breaks out the functions that are not common to all pools. See more functions on the Pools page.



// Inherited from BaseGeneralPool
onSwap(SwapRequest swapRequest,
uint256[] balances,
uint256 indexIn,
uint256 indexOut)
returns (uint256 amount[In/Out])
When the Vault is handling a swap, it will call onSwap to ask the pool what the amounts should be. Pools that use stable math need the all tokens balances to determine price.


function getAmplificationParameter()
returns (uint256 value, bool isUpdating, uint256 precision)
Returns the amplification parameter value, a boolean to determine if it's updating, and its precision.

Permissioned Functions

All of the following functions are only callable by the pool owner.


function startAmplificationParameterUpdate(
uint256 rawEndValue,
uint256 endTime)
Begins changing the amplification parameter to rawEndValue over time. The value will change linearly until endTime is reached, when it will be rawEndValue.
NOTE: Internally, the amplification parameter is represented using higher precision. The values returned by getAmplificationParameter have to be corrected to account for this when comparing to rawEndValue.


function stopAmplificationParameterUpdate() external
Stops the amplification parameter change process, keeping the current value.