Stable Pool


For advantages and use cases of Stable Pools, please refer to the standard documentation.
For more interfaces, such as updating the amplificationParameter, see the StablePool API.


Some elements to consider when interfacing with Stable Pools:
  • Using Stable Math
  • Pools have between 2 and 5 tokens
  • Pools rely on the amplificationParameter, which is defined at pool creation and can be gradually updated later.

Getting Pool Data

In addition to the common pool data, you will likely want the following data when interfacing with Stable Pools:

Amplification Parameter

The Amplification Parameter is stored at the pool level. For example, calling
returns something resembling
value : 620000
isUpdating : False
precision : 1000
where the amplification parameter is
valueprecision=6200001000=620\frac{value}{precision} = \frac{620000}{1000}=620
in this case.