Weighted Pool


For advantages and use cases of Weighted Pools, please refer to the standard documentation.
For more interfaces, see the WeightedPool API and WeightedPool2Tokens API.


Some elements to consider when interfacing with Weighted Pools:
  • Using Weighted Math
  • Pool weights are static, defined at pool creation
  • Pools have between 2 and 8 tokens
  • Pool weights range from 1% to 99%

Getting Pool Data

In addition to the common pool data, you will likely want the following data when interfacing with Weighted Pools:


Weights are stored at the pool level. For example, calling
returns something resembling
[800000000000000000, 200000000000000000]
which are the weights represented with 18 decimals. A pool with 80%/20% weights corresponds to [0.8, 0.2] after scaling for decimals.

Oracle Data

To query oracle data from a pool of type WeightedPool2Tokens, refer to the Oracle Pools interfacing page.